Little Star Child Care Center Inc: foundation was established in 2018 and officially opened in 2019, licensed by EEC. It was founded on the principle that working parents should be able to find quality, reliable child care. Since the establishment in 2001 of our previous in home daycares, our love of working with children has driven our commitment for acquiring the education and experience to grow from an in-home child care provider to move into a separate facility and transition into being a licensed child care center with the capacity to care for up to 60 children. Little star Child Care and pre-school has always been committed to furthering our child care team’s education and in implementing the best practices to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment.


Little Star Child Care Center Inc is committed to creating a safe, warm, loving environment for children where they can learn and grow physically, emotionally, creatively, intellectually, and socially at their own pace. We want to help your child increase their confidence, and self esteem by treating them as unique individuals, and allowing them to express themselves in a variety of facets. In programming activities for the children my staff and I follow the Early Childhood Education Curriculum Framework, which follows a play-based learning philosophy.

Little Star Child Care Center curriculum was developed with the vision of guiding children through the learning process by utilizing hand on activity rather than showing them how to learn. The program also allows children to participate in a holistic learning approach with the teacher interacting at the child’s level. The focus is always on the process of learning and not the end product. Our goal at Little Star Child Care Center is to have children engaged in a variety of activity and to become “life-long” learners.

Little Star Child Care Center: develops close bonds not just with the child, but with the family. As a parents co-operative, we place great value on interaction and participation within the center. Little Star Child Care Center is a place not just for your child, but for your whole family. We embrace a primary care giver model, encouraging bonds to form and flourish between a child and a dedicated primary care giver.

Our Staff

All of our teachers are Certified by Department Mass Early Education & Care. All staff member are CPR and First Aid Certified.
List of Staff member
Jatinder, Alysha, Maria, Ranjana, Melissa, Victoria,


Little star Child Care Center Inc: participate in the U.S.D.A. Food Program no cost to parents. All parents will be required to fill out the USDA Eligibility Form regardless of eligibility. Any parents who refuse to participate must provide all meals, snacks and drinks. The center serves AM and PM snacks to the children. We are committed to serving fresh fruits and vegetables each day and plan teach good nutrition to the children. Familys managing children’s allergies are encouraged to communicate needs and concerns directly to their teacher and site director, so that we can understand how to partner with parents to ensure children’s safety and health.

Fire Drills

Required by state law to do 1 fire drill per month. We very the time of the day to help the staff and children prepare to evacuate the building quickly and safely. We will not do the fire drill when the temperature is below 15 degrees or above 95 degrees. Class teacher and other staff member will take the children to emergency meeting areas.